Windows 7 Home Premium to Ultimate Upgrade

I had a Windows 7 upgrade (from Home Premium to Ultimate) forced upon me; I was working with a Microsoft Device Emulator and needed to get a .NET Compact Framework application on the emulator to access the network on my Windows 7 host. That required installation of a Virtual PC network driver. Unfortunately, Virtual PC cannot be installed on Windows 7 Home Premium, so I had to upgrade.

To make things worse, an online upgrade is not available where I live. So I had to wait for the upgrade key to be shipped to me.

And when I got the key, things only got worse: I started up Windows Anytime Upgrade and entered the key as requested, and a text kindly informed me that the upgrade would take only 10 minutes. After 1.5 hours, the upgrade was still not done, and there was no network activity, as one could have expected.

I killed the Windows Anytime Upgrade processes and started over again. Same result. Tried to kill as many processes as possible and start over again. Same result. Did a logout and login and started the upgrade once more. Same result. Then decided to restart the machine, but that only made the machine hang during shutdown. After 15 minutes, I pulled the power cord and removed the battery. When I booted the laptop again, the boot manager correctly stated that Windows had not been closed down properly, but I chose to start Windows normally anyway. Windows 7 then started a cycle of 2 or 3 restarts/reconfigurations/updates after which it finally claimed it had upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate and let me login again.

Needless to say; Windows 7 Ultimate isn’t exactly cheap, so I had expected a smooth upgrade. The experience I had was totally not acceptable!

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