Initial installation of Kubuntu 13.10 on Lenovo Carbon X1

Installation went smooth.

USB Ethernet Adapter (Lenovo Model U2L100P-Y1) works out of the box.
WebCam is working.
Buttons for screen brightness working.
Keyboard backlight working.
Media buttons (Speak mute, play/pause, volumen up/down, next, previous) working.

MIC Mute button is not working. This is because KDE 4.11.3 is built on top of Qt 4.8.3 and the XF86AudioMicMute key symbol is only handled in Qt 5.

The fingerprint reader works almost out of the box:
I installed fprintd libpam-fprintd fprint-demo and used fprint_demo to enroll fingerprints. Sadly, an old unresolved KDE bug report is still blocking the final integration with KDE:

After I connected a monitor via HDMI (1920×1080), the mouse cursor all of a sudden started to become very large on the laptop screen. I disabled resolution dependent cursor in System Settings, but then all fonts changed. The loss of default font configuration is a known problem in KDE, which has not been resolved, yet, unfortunately.

I installed firewalld and firewall-applet. I’ve been using ufw earlier on, but firewalld seems attractive due its concept of zones, which integrate well with the NetworkManger. However, as far as I can tell, firewalld doesn’t block unwanted outgoing traffic by default, but this is something I can probably add late by means of firewalld’s “rich rules”.

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